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       I can only assume since you're browsing my website, you have a problem you need a solution for, and are looking for assistance. When we start working together, the first thing we will do is have a "sit-down" and chat about how your business started, where it is now, and where you'd like to see it in the future. Then I can speak to how online development of your business may, or may not, help. This would be my first step to being your business' online "general contractor".


       To speak specifically to my services as a business consultant, I will offer consulting to help you develop your business on and off-line. My job is to always have your online presence in mind, so I will ensure that what you're doing offline for your business such as your branding, your business' objectives, goals, etc, are all translated appropriately and reflected online.

       You need to consider me your "go-to" for anything web-related, but know that I am always thinking business first. Please take a look at my Why Choose Me page to read more about my past credentials, experiences, and projects in this and other related fields.

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