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Email and

Message Marketing

       I've seen many businesses lose out on revenue due to not taking advantage of customer's contact and email lists. Email marketing is the least expensive way to reacquire a customer, which also gives you the advantage to offer them a promotion, often increasing their average order.

       Setting up email capturing triggers and giving them a place to go that has some built-in automation is key. This way, your customers are constantly "touched" and reminded, you care about their business.

       Once we have triggers in place and begin to build or add to your existing list, it's time to build and automate campaigns. We will build out automated emails, and discuss the idea of creating promotions to automatically run throughout specific times of the year. 

       Message marketing is a fairly new thing. Message marketing is when you send text messages to your customers either soliciting their business, reminding them of something, or asking for a post-visit review, for example. In my opinion, there are many other things to focus your efforts on building your business online than message marketing. The jury is still out as to whether or not it annoys people, and even the legality is coming into question. What are your thoughts on text message marketing?

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