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Asked Questions

  • How much is your retainer?
    First and foremost there's a completely free consultation to see if this is a right fit for the both of us. Then if we decide to move forward, we can discuss whether a retainer or an a la carte service would better suit your needs.
  • What does your retainer get me?
    - Besides being your on-call "web guy", my retainer includes consulting and/or project management and fulfillment. Obviously you also get my expertise, knowledge, my services, and my cell phone number... Being able to connect immediately becomes an extremely valuable tool my clients have before making a business decision relating to the internet. I don't know what it is you're looking to achieve just yet, but whether it's building a website, or implementing online advertising, I will answer any questions you have, fix any problems that arise, and facilitate any projects we decide to develop.
  • What doesn't your retainer get me?
    - My retainer includes consulting and/or project work and fufilment. Where I'm going to save you a lot of money is when I tell you about, and show you, how to get all your internet needs done very very inexpensively. You will then understand fully what I mean by my being an online "general contractor".
  • Explain "Online General Contractor""
    If you've ever had your home remodeled, you have used a general contractor. In short, just because he may be great at framing, doesn't mean he's the best with electrical. It's his job to find somebody who is. Same with roofing, plumbing, landscaping, etc. So let's say you want a website built. OK, well, are you familiar with the aspects of a website? The foundation, graphics, logos, vanity numbers, domain names, hosting, SSL certificates, content, pictures, text, videos... - the list can go on and on. Well, even though (in the instance of a website) I can do well on my own, I can also act as a general contractor and put all the pieces together for you. Only I'll tell you exactly how much the graphics "guy" costs, and how much content costs to write, how much pictures are, etc - and we will work with your budget. That's an online general contractor.
  • What's the next step?
    - If you're interested in getting to work with me marketing your business and building it's online presence, the next step is to pick up the phone and call me - or shoot me a text message. I'd like15 minutes or so and we can talk about where you are now, and besides simply "more sales'', what are your long term goals for the company. Once I have a better understanding of that, I can develop the best path for us to take.
  • Do you build websites?
  • Do you design logos, Facebook banners, ads, and other graphics?"
  • Can you get me listed on Google Maps?
    Yes. Google is the search engine giant, with more than 87% of searches being done via their search engine. As a consumer, when you do a search on Google for a service (or product) you will get a map listing of the nearest locations, or the specified location, above all the search results. Getting your business into that top three (of course aiming for 1st) drastically increases your business' website traffic. We will work together to make sure this increase in website traffic leads to more sales, and develop a program that suits you and your business to ensure a steady growth in traffic using marketing techniques.
  • Do you do search engine optimization (SEO)?
  • How long do things take?
    Ah, the million dollar question. Take whatever you've ever heard from anyone else regarding the timeline of things populating on the internet and throw them right away. There is only one truthful answer, and that is, it depends... It depends on a number of factors, lately it has been COVID. COVID has slowed things at Google. That's the truth. Now, does that mean I'm saying to wait for them to speed back up - no, absolutely not. Get your business "waitnig" as soon as you can... Always keep in mind you want to be at least one step ahead of your competition, always one better, always doing things before they need to be done in preparation for changes. Being proactive, and not reactive. Of course timelines can be put on things like website completions, but I'll tell you the truth, they hardly ever stick to a timeframe. Life happens. We go into a website build with the best intentions of completing it ahead of schedule and grand dreams of it magically appearing under every keyword ever conceived and we retire to the Bahamas; But then life happens. Your job or schedule changes, your children have new commitments, you need to take a week away; Life happens. This is my full-time job, but maybe not yours... This is another instance where having me as your "web guy" will pay off. Whether it's a website build or any number of other projects, I make sure things stay moving forward, no offence, with or without you. So, how long do things take? Call me and let's discuss it...
  • Do you do social media advertising?
  • Do you work with email marketing and automation?
  • Can you build me an online store? Yes - and some.
    Yes. And I have also worked with the integrations of dozens on inventory control systems, point of sale (POS) systems, and payment processing portals. I also have experience in order fulfillment and dropshipping. Please call me to discuss the size of your project and I'll see what I can do.
  • Do you fix email problems?
    Every single day. Call me.
  • Do you work with PPC Ads and Google AdWords?
  • Do you fix website problems?
    Every single day. Call me.
  • Does your retainer include "management" of my online presence?"
    So the short answer is yes. A big reason why I don't charge per project is due to the need for ongoing "management", or attention given to your online accounts. My retainer is a built in guarantee that I spend time throughout every week on your business; whether that be updating posts, adding pictures, doing on or off-page SEO work, scheduling emails, analytic analysis to improve your conversion rates, etc.
  • Can you help me get more positive reviews on Google and Facebook?
    Yes. I have specialized in the capture of new, and management of negative reviews for years.
  • Can you remove negative reviews?
    Actually, yes. It is now possible to bring to the attention of Google Developers a negative reveiw that is out of character when compared to your other reviews. This is why rememebring to build a consistant reveiw base is so important. Please call me to dicsuss this further.
  • Can you help me accept payments and bookings online?
  • Can you help me create video ads and professional voice overs?
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