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Google Search

and Maps Listing

       Throughout my marketing career, I have found that a business' Google Search and Maps Listing is undoubtedly the most important serving function that can be performed online for said business. It is also crucial that this be performed correctly the first time to avoid delays in your business' listing. Beyond getting your listing up and running comes the optimizing of your profile. This is what begins to set you aside from other businesses, as well as your competitors - the strongest possible foundation.

       I have done well with very happy clients over the years performing this crucial, yet simple process. It is the number one way to earn an almost immediate return on your "investment" (me).

       We will make sure the profile is buttoned up tight, chock full of information, and up to your standards. Only then will I begin to do what I call, "constant pressure". It's great that you now have these business accounts up and running, but just like your personal Facebook page, it needs updating. It needs constant pressure in one form or another.

       With Google changing the "rules" on an almost daily basis, 'constant pressure' is also always changing. So when I'm asked, "What do you do to keep my profiles updated...", my only answer is, "It really depends. It depends on Google, not me."

       I'm much more effective than any other company that applies "automation" (which most do) because when Google changes the rules, the automation doesn't change with it. That causes anything done to help your business, be much less effective. And I would argue this is why Google is constantly changing the rules. So getting eyes on your profile regularly and updating it as needed, becomes very important and adds significant value.

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