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Paid Ads

and Social Media

       If there's anything that changes extremely quickly online it's paid ads, either through social media networks or Google AdWords. Not only does the amount of industry competition change, but that causes pretty big swings in the cost to acquire a customer.


       One thing that will continue to ring true is that some businesses don't belong anywhere near Facebook (or any social network) advertising. When was the last time you were on Facebook looking at pictures and saw an ad for a plumber and thought, "You know what, I need a plumber today - click". Never. Now, if you saw an ad for a free yoga lesson... OK now, different story. You may think, "Well, I've always wanted to try yoga... - click".

       I'm not saying running ads isn't a good place to start to strum up business online, but what I am saying is there are more cost-effective ways that typically produce greater results quicker. We will discuss whether or not ads are a right fit, and if so, we can talk about the many options when it comes time to run them.

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