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Monthly Retainer

       Please allow me to thank you for making the decision to add me to your business' team, you've made the right choice. As I've mentioned, if you're on this webpage it's because we've already spoken.

      Below please find the link to pay via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay. If PayPal seems to be making it look like you need an account, it's because they obviously want your business; But you can always click 'Pay With a Debit or Credit Card' to circumvent this (payment is still taken via PayPal).

       As always from now on, if you have any trouble or questions please do not hesitate to text or call me. Texting is the best way to reach me immediately, but never hesitate to call and if I can answer, I will... If you don't already have it, my cell phone number is 1 (516) 262-3526.

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