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       I've been working with websites from WordPress, to drag and drop platforms like Weebly and Wix​ for almost 15 years. I started out very very young when my family got our first Gateway computer in the mail... The .com boom was just about to happen, and I was young enough to understand the "new world of computers" and ran with that knowledge.

       Fast forward to today, and I am a lot further down the line in skill when it comes to website development. More importantly, through the years of either working on my own or for a digital marketing firm, the more technology evolves, the more people (you, the business owner) are getting ripped off.

       I'm here to tell you the truth. That's what you pay me for - the truth. Some lies surrounding website development; It takes a long time. It costs a lot of money. You need to be a computer genius to perform edits and additions. It costs a lot to "host and manage" (check my dictionary/FAQ page). All lies.

       Not to spoil the ending, but I can build you a completely free website (like this one) in a matter of hours... So where do people get off charging thousands of dollars? You can build out your Google profile, and Google will give you a one-click website, also completely free. So again - why are people charging thousands? And to really get your gears turning; Have you ever thought of scratching a "website" completely and simply using your business' Facebook page as your "website" - directing all internet traffic there?

There's some truth...

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