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Why Choose Me?

       The way I like to put it is I am your general contractor for anything internet-related. If you have questions, a technical problem that needs troubleshooting, or needs consulting for a new idea and the best way to roll it out online, I am a text or a call away. The way I work is by telling you the truth. I give you a behind the curtain look at what things actually cost us "web developers" by revealing the secrets of the trade and showing you real prices.

       I'm biased, but choosing me should be simple. I'm everything you need in a "web guy" and more because I come with decades of business experience. As I've mentioned before, I have been working with computers since computers still have actual floppy disks. I've built them, repaired them, and done software installations, updates, and development. Having a computer in your home was new back then, and I became, and still am, the resident go-to computer "fixer".

       All while working with computers and software, I've founded and built several successful companies. As marketing, and specifically the digital marketing and development of companies online began to bloom, it was a natural progression for me to move into this space. My skill sets built up over the years puts me in a truly unique position to set the standards for the leading digital development of businesses - and not a cookie-cutter marketing "firm" that sticks to old-school automation that doesn't work anymore...

      So if you're email has ever stopped working properly, if you need to edit or add something to your website or if it's ever gone down, if you're trying to run Google or Facebook ads, if you're trying to get listing higher in search results, if you need to get verified on your local map listings, if you need better and more reviews... and a hundred other internet needs, I'm your Web Guy!

Below are five reasons why you

shouldn't use a traditional marketing firm...


No Transparency. This one drives me the craziest. Marketing firms have zero transparency. You don't really know what they're charging you, or why. You're simply listening to what someone has to sell you; Empty promises. Well, I don't like that. That's why I work on a monthly retainer and not on a per-project basis. The other thing I do differently is to make you pay for things yourself. In other words, if you want to run an ad - put in your credit/debit card. I'm not going to pay for it, then send you an obscure bill which is sure to be more than the actual cost. This way you're getting billed directly from the third party - eliminating shady billing.


Too Expensive! A close second to the lack of transparency is the pricing... I have no idea where all these marketing firms come up with their pricing, but I know one thing - it's all over the place. Whether it's just for a website, or "ongoing/monthly marketing" with or without budgets, there are very few consistent standards. I promise to prove to you why things cost what they do, without any markup. 


Contracts. I really don't understand lengthy contracts business owners can enter into with marketing firms. I feel as though, if whomever you've hired can't show you what they've been doing, get rid of them. I've seen and heard of a lot of agreements being made because the marketing firm tells the client it takes time. This can be very true as things online don't happen overnight, but if they can't show you why it's taking time, it's a lie.


They Straight Up Lie. This is so sad but so true. These online digital marketing companies overpromise and underdeliver. The worse kind. To me, that often equates to things steaming from a straight-up lie. Here's where I stand... I will tell you the truth, whether you're going to like it or not. An example may be that verification is taking weeks longer than expected. I would have let you know that the possibility of that happening exists before even requesting the verification in the first place. No surprises.


They Do Not Listen. I felt this was worth mentioning because I have seen it firsthand where a client asks for one thing and then is sold something else. There's a difference between something not being ripe for you to implement, and not implementing it because of a commission. In other words, products and/or digital services may get pushed to you not because it's right for your business at that time, but because someone is benefiting financially from selling it to you. Again, working on a retainer, I have no interest in marking up products or services. 

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